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Hardwood Floors and Engineered Wood Floors ~ Oriental Rugs

Hardwood Floor Sand and Finish Staunton VA

Unfinished Oak Hardwood Floor in Staunton, VA

This is a solid oak hardwood floor installation we did in Staunton, VA. This customer chose an unfinished oak for this project. Unfinished floors can be stained and cleared after they are installed and sanded. This type of flooring offers the best range of color selection as stain can be mixed and sampled until the desired color is achieved. It is also easier to account for some minor subfloor irregularities during the sanding process with this type of floor. 

Project Location: Staunton, VA

Project Type: Install, Sand, and Finish an unfinished oak floor

Product Type:

  • ¾” Oak tongue and groove hardwood floor.
  • Bona Woodline Polyurethane.

The material chosen for this job was a character grade solid oak hardwood floor. Character grade floors are labeled as such because they show quite a bit of variation both in color and graining. Oak is a very grainy wood to begin with and the patterns are quite obvious when knots and mineral streaks are present as they are with this particular floor. This type of variation is most noticeable in an unstained natural color selection and sometimes in lighter colors of stained flooring. Medium to dark stain colors tend to hide a lot of this variation though darker stain selections can sometimes set off the grain of the wood. This customer opted for a natural color so the floor was left unstained.

The finish chosen for this floor was Bona Woodline Polyurethane. Bona Woodline is an oil-modified wood floor finish designed to provide a tough durable finish in both residential and commercial applications. Like most oil products, it provides a slightly amber tint, which enhances the natural depth and color of the wood. Woodline is available in satin, semi-gloss, and gloss sheens. This particular floor was finished in a semi-gloss. The photos above where taken when the finish was freshly applied and are much glossier than the cured floor.

The stairs shown above are solid oak treads to match the flooring selection. They are also sanded and finished just like the floor using the same Bona finish.

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