Hardwood Floors and Engineered Wood Floors ~ Oriental Rugs
Hardwood Floors and Engineered Wood Floors ~ Oriental Rugs

Hardwood Floor Installation Stuarts Draft VA

Unfinished Hardwood Floor Stuarts Draft VA

This is another unfinished hardwood floor install we did in Stuarts Draft, VA. The customer chose a solid ¾ inch thick Red Oak floor and opted for a natural color with a clear satin finish. Oak takes stain extremely well and it’s common to find it in a variety of colors, but a natural finish is still one of the most commonly chosen options. A natural finish can coordinate well with almost any design style you pair it with in your home, and can save both time and money during the finishing stage of an installation.

Job Location: Stuarts Draft, VA

Project Type: Install, sand, and finish solid hardwood floor

Products Used:

  • ¾ Inch solid Red Oak hardwood floor
  • Bona Woodline Satin Polyurethane

This particular floor is a mixture of number 1 and number 2 common grade red oak flooring. This results in a floor that is fairly clean, but still shows plenty of character due to color variation and mineral streaking. The floor is finished with Bona Woodline Satin Polyurethane, a very tough and durable finish designed for both residential and commercial applications. Woodline is an oil-based product and as such will add a slight amber cast to the natural wood tone. This amber color will increase slightly as the floor ages, which will serve to provide a beautiful vintage charm as time goes on.

You’ll notice that this project has an interesting design overall. The two-toned walls, especially in areas where beadboard is used below the chair rail, combined with the lightly sculpted trim selection, provide a very traditional feel, while the actual color selection on the walls in a bit more modern. Note also the lack of a shoe mold or quarter round along the baseboard. Traditionally a trim piece would be used here, but this customer opted to avoid the use of a shoe molding by waiting until the floor was finished before installing the baseboard. This is another more modern design choice. Overall the house has a vintage modern style that has become popular in today’s market. The natural hardwood floor blends well with all of these design options, proving that a classic oak in a natural finish can easily stand the test of time and work well in your home regardless of your style preferences.

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